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Leadership & Team Coaching

Unlock Your Potential

The Swiss Mindfulness Institute offers a wide range of coaching services. From individual to employee, team or executive coaching, we can help you reach new levels of success. Our coaching is based on the principles of mindfulness-based emotional intelligence, grounded in modern research in psychology, neuroscience, in personal and professional development.

Young Business Colleagues

How can we support you through coaching?

Coaching is suitable for clarifying questions in the areas between profession, work environment and private life. We accompany you as a sparring partner. We support you in activating your personal and professional resources to help you achieve your goals. Coaching is a co-created process, as there are no better solutions than the ones you have within and develop for yourself. The support of an SMI coach will help you tap into your inner resources and reach your full potential.

Enhancing emotional intelligence skills to find more fulfillment in your life through coaching sessions is focused on your personal, your team's or your organizational development. Improve your skills including:

  • Communication 

  • Self-confidence / self-esteem

  • Motivation / focus

  • Work-life balance

  • Self-awareness / self-management​

  • Exploration of core values 

  • Leadership of self and others

  • Collaboration and team work

  • Growth-based mindset and positive outlook

  • Awareness of your strengths and talents

Coaching Offerings: Services
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