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Institutes Driving Change through Mindfulness

Organizations Promoting Mindfulness

  • The Mindfulness Association UK is a compassionate organisation offering information about mindfulness and a wide range of courses that support people in their training and practice in mindfulness, compassion and insight. 

  • The Foundation for a Mindful Society focuses on creating a more mindful world, fostering individual wellness, healthy relationships, and a more caring society. Their activities include sector and community education, public policy advocacy and social innovation initiatives.

  • The Mindfulness Initiative UK bridges contemplative practice and public policy, championing the inner dimension of social change. Alongside important publications, they work with legislators around the world who practice mindfulness, helping them to treat capacities of heart and mind as serious considerations of public policymaking. 

  • The MBSR-Association Switzerland unites teachers of the renowned program "Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction" (MBSR) and procedures derived from it. It provides mindfulness teachers for various areas of life & society in Switzerland.

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